Skullcandy スカルキャンディー WINK’D 赤  イヤホン

Skullcandy スカルキャンディー WINK’D 赤  イヤホン



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バッテリー要/不要 いいえ
型式 カナル型
形状 イヤホン
ブランド Skullcandy
メーカー Skullcandy
商品重量 499 g
梱包サイズ 16 x 5.3 x 2.6 cm

The Wink'd is more than a stylish earbud. There aren't many things more uncomfortable than an earbud that doesn't fit quite right. That's why our engineers studied the female ear canal closely and then built our unique Women's ear gels soft and slimmed down for long-lasting comfort and clearer acoustics. Let's face it, women are just more careful about what we put in, on, or near our bodies. That's why we took our extra comfy ear gels and applied our impressive Pure clean Tech, an invisible coating that keeps makeup and oils at bay for buds that stay fresh. What kind of music do you listen to? For us, it's a little bit of everything. That's why our earbuds are custom-tuned to deliver Supreme Sound powerful attacking bass, natural vocals, and precision highs for every playlist. Easily take calls and manage your music on virtually any smart device. Play/pause music or answer/end calls with one-click, track forward with two-clicks, or back with three clicks. Compliment your style with a great selection of colors.
販売価格 1,590円(内税)
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